Shine with The AtMayfair Advantage!

The following is the designer charter that we have outlined to provide a guided on boarding for all our designers. The intent is to give a smooth experience at all stages of the set up and feature your brand and products in the best possible manner.

All the points mentioned below are the best practices, which, if followed would be an ideal way to run and manage your online store. Some of the pointers shall be marked with (*), which would mean they are mandatory. Either ways this content is curated to see that you get the best possible results on

Benefits of selling via AtMayfair

  • Fully-managed ecommerce operations and marketing services provided under a single account.
  • Targeted campaigns to reach relevant audience.
  • Unique ecommerce features that converts a customer to a brand loyalist.
  • Collaborate with other designers and stylists.
  • Exhibit at leading fashion industry events worldwide.
  • Be a part of a fashion forward community.

Sign up process

  • Fill up the form under the AtMayfair Marketplace on and one of our team member shall promptly get back to you on the registered email with all the required details as necessary.
  • Please refer to our FAQ and related content on the website, if you have any query on the plans or the sign-up process. Alternatively, you can drop an email to and our team shall get back to you in 2 working days.

Fees & Margins:

Startup cost: does not have any start up charge. We work with a unique model, where we just charge commission on sales, so there is no startup/upfront cost for designers, providing them with a unique value and creating a new sales channel at almost no cost!

Margins: charges 30% markdown on RRP/MRP (Recommended/Maximum Retail Price).

Pricing Structure for Marketplace only

Since we base all our pricing in GBP (£, Great Britain Pounds), we would require all prices in GBP. We require designers to provide us with RRP/MRP (Recommended Retail Price OR Maximum Retail Price) considering all applicable country of origin taxes, and excluding shipping charges. Thus, in simpler terms, an RRP/MRP must include our 30% margin (designer’s price +’s margins). This is the price that will be displayed to the user and hence it must be the lowest price that is advertised elsewhere.

Products sold via are on DDU (Delivery Duty Unpaid) basis, thus any destination country taxes/customs/charges are to be borne by the ultimate customer. Shipping charges shall be added as per the charges mentioned in the Shipping charges table at the end.

Display price MRP/RRP (less any offers) inclusive of all VAT & Sales taxes
Selling price Display price – discounts/offers
AtMayfair’s Fees 30% of Selling price
Amount paid to designer Selling price – Fees

Shipping Charges (These are global average charges; however designers shall be paid on actuals, upon submitting shipping invoice to us)

WeightAmount (in GBP)
1 Kg20
2 Kg30
3 Kg40
4 Kg50

All designers shall be paid at the 5th of every month for all completed orders. A completed order means an order, which has completed 45 days from the date of shipping, 4 weeks for cooling off period (REQUIRED BY LAW) and 1 week each for “to” and “fro” shipping.


Images: To provide the best shopping experience, we use product images with white background images only with and without model for the best possible promotion of your brand and products at different places. (*). Additionally, you can submit us your LookBook images for marketing purposes.

Following are the detailed guidelines for different types of products, we feature:

(Mannequin images will not be considered. Headless model images are not recommended; however, they shall be considered after review and approval from AtMayfair team (*)):

  • Front Image (without model/invisible mannequin shot, ideally)
  • Back Image (without model, ideally)
  • Side Image (Right & Left, ideally) (in line with above)
  • With model, front image (if above images are without model)
  • Key embellishments and detailing/cuts zoomed-in image (optional, better if available)

(Mannequin images will not be considered. Headless model images are not recommended; however they shall be considered after review and approval from AtMayfair team (*)):

  • Rings: Embellishment/Key feature/detailing zoomed in, top shot, side shots.
  • Earrings: Embellishment/Key feature/detailing zoomed in, top shot, side shots, front and back shots.
  • Bracelets & Cuffs: Embellishment/Key feature/detailing zoomed in, top shot, side shots, front and back shots.
  • Headpieces: Zoomed in & out shots, model wearing the product, front and back shots.
  • Brooches & Pins: Embellishment/Key feature/detailing zoomed in, front and back shots.
  • Necklaces & Pendants: Zoomed in & out shots, lock detailing shot, full shot and model wearing them, are the best shots.
  • Scarves, Shawls, Stoles, Pocket Squares: Key design zoomed in shot, full piece opened shot, a couple of shots with wrapping them in different styles.
  • Belts: Full product open shot, locks/embellishment zoomed in shot, model wearing them shot.
  • Wallets & Cardholders: Front and Back shot (closed and open), inside pockets shot, with model (optional).
  • Gloves: Front & back shot, embellishment zoomed in.
  • Lingerie: Similar to apparels, given above.

3. BAGS:
(Mannequin images will not be considered. Headless model images are not recommended; however they shall be considered after review and approval from AtMayfair team (*)):

Front & back shot, top shot with bag open, bottom shot, side shots, sling image (if any), sling hook image (if any), strap and strap hook shots, pocket shots (as per the type of bag), handle shot, embellishment zoomed in shot.

Image of the packaging (need to be same to be sent to the customer, however this is optional)

(Mannequin images will not be considered. Headless model images are not recommended; however they shall be considered after review and approval from AtMayfair team (*)):

  • Front shot
  • Back shot
  • Side shots (left and right)
  • Key embellishment zoomed in
  • Model shot (optional)
  • Bottom/Sole shot

Types of shots could change depending upon the type of footwear as well.

Image of the packaging (need to be same to be sent to the customer, however this is optional)

Submission of Collection Information:

Every Brand/Designer should submit their collection information in the platform compatible product upload docket available at the bottom of this page (There will be a link in the bottom of the page for people to download our product upload docket). This shall ensure that your collection reaches us in the best possible manner and it gets LIVE on our platform sooner.

All the images should be in white background and should be have minimum resolution of 1027*1027 with minimum 96 DPI (Dots Per Inch). Higher resolution shall be appreciated; however this is minimum required size.


  • Customers, as mandated by UK law for distance selling, gives them a right of returning a product within 30 days of receiving the product. Brands/Designers should bear in mind this point for smooth operations. This rule applies to all ready to wear products, however all Made-To-Order items would not be returned, unless it’s a manufacturing defect. All decisions regarding approval/disapproval shall rest with the management team of and shall be final and binding to all parties. However, we shall see that we reach towards the best solution that creates win-win situation for all parties involved.
  • In Made-To-Order products, all designers/brands shall be given a maximum lead time of 4 weeks, which is ideal as per Ecommerce standards. Lead time larger than this, can be considered but their application shall be approved/disapproved by the discretion of team after the review of the brand/products.
  • Although we deal globally, we are predominantly a UK based platform and therefore our sizes are based and displayed in UK sizes. Customer from different countries can of course convert the sizes from our size chart, which is very simple and globally acceptable. Hence, all brands should submit relevant sizes in UK sizes, so that it becomes very easy for smooth operations.
  • The images should ideally be renamed with the product names, so that identifying them becomes a simple task.
  • Kindly share editorial images with AtMayfair account manager, so that marketing your brand becomes possible.
  • Logo should be submitted in minimum 450 x 450 pixels; however, higher resolution shall be appreciated. Also, submitting the Information sheet is mandatory.
  • For brands/designers with real jewellery products, please submit the jewellery CSV by filling in with all relevant details in it.
  • Product with multiple colours will be listed as separate products, so kindly fill the upload docket accordingly and submit separate images for it.
  • All fields on the CSV are mandatory, kindly submit the filled sheet, so that there are minimum queries regarding your products.
  • We follow a weekly stock update for fast moving products and fortnightly stock update for moderate moving products.
  • All communication shall be done in English Language only.